ناشر: Piggyback

تعداد صفحات در نسخه ی چاپی : ۳۲۰ صفحه

تعداد صفحات در نسخه ی اسکن شده : ۱۷۸ صفجه ۲ برگی (۳۵۶ صفحه)

کیفیت اسکن : ورژن ۱ خوب


HUNDREDS OF UNTOLD TALES, TOLD: All events at your fingertips, from the most memorable missions to the rarest chance encounters – you need never miss a single moment of the story

CHARTING THE WILDS: Hi-res annotated maps detail everything you might hope to find as you travel: special collectibles, hidden lock boxes, uncharted landmarks… they’re all here 100%

COMPLETION: Treasure hunts, gunslingers, robberies, loansharking, bounty hunting, table games – all streamlined for total completion

VISUAL SOLUTIONS: Supported by annotated 4K screenshots

COMPLETION ROADMAPS: Comprehensive flowcharts reveal the exact availability conditions of all missions and unlockables

EXPERT ANALYSIS: All key systems and parameters fully documented, with exhaustive appraisals of all weapons, items, horse breeds, animals – and so much more

EASE OF USE: Instant searches, print navigation systems and an extensive 2-page index give you immediate access to the information you need.


ورژن ۱

نمونه کیفیت


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